Отговори на: Task N3 / 6.12.2022 Beginners

Начало Форуми КЛУБ АНГЛИЙСКИ Task N3 / 6.12.2022 Beginners Отговори на: Task N3 / 6.12.2022 Beginners


Task 3:
1. We don’t smoke at home.
2. George thinks the English spelling is difficult.
3. Is your sister from England?
4. Richard works in a bank, but his wife doesn’t work. She is a housewife.
5. Philip always comes to school early.
6. She is vegetarian, she doesn’t eat meat at all.
7. He watches the news after dinner and goes to sleep.
8. Does Bil go to the cinema on Saturday and Sunday?
9. We often meets our friend in the park.
10. They don’t visit often their grandmother and grandfather.

1. Where does he work?
2. When do we have English classes?
3. When do you go to the office?
Where do you go after your Spanish classes?
4. What does she do in the gym?
Where does she do a lot of exercises?
5. What does your brother writes often?