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Начало Форуми КЛУБ АНГЛИЙСКИ Task N3 / 6.12.2022 Intermediate Отговори на: Task N3 / 6.12.2022 Intermediate

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1. We do not smoke at home.
2. Jorge thinks that the English spelling is difficult.
3. Is you sister from England?
4. Richard works in a bank but his wife does not work – she is a housewife.
5. Phillip always go early in the school.
6. She is a vegetarian. She does not eat meat.
7. He watches the news after dinner then goes to bed.
8. Is Bill went to the cinema at the weekend?
9. We often meet all friend at the park.
10. They do not often visit their grandparents.

1. Where does he work?
2. When do you have English classes?
3. Where do you go after your Spanis classes?
4. Where does she a lot of exercise?
5. What your brother writes often?

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