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One of my friends got married very young, at 21. She met her husband in high school. They were (have been) inseparable from day one and very happy and excited to be together.
At that time, I was single and the three of us used to …. (go out together/meet every day). A few months before their wedding day my friend was very upset and sad. She told me that her mother was very unhappy because of this marriage.
Like every mother, she had hopes and expectations for the future of her kids. My friend told me her mother didn’t like her future husband because he was from a poor family. She also thought he was still a child without any plans for the future. It looked like they had argued before about this situation because she was very angry and worried about the future.
I tried to calm her, and we spoke a lot about this problem. She really loved that boy regardless of the fact that he wasn’t rich. The only thing, that she wanted, was to be together with him.
This story has a happy ending, because of one person – her lovely father. He was very excited about the wedding. He really liked her boyfriend and respected her choices. He managed to help them with many things, especially convincing his wife, that only one thing mattered – the happiness of their daughter.

were inseparable – бяха неразделни тогава/в миналото
have been inseparable – все още са неразделни
Изтрих част от изречението в параграф 2, защото се повтаря because of.
Останалото са малки корекции на някои изрази и глаголи. Very well done!