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User AvatarKornelia

I always go with car to work.
I always have a shower before bed.
I usually help my son to brush his teeth.
I usually prepare our dinner.
Sometimes I go to the cinema.
I never go in the rain.

We went fishing in Iskar lake 2 weeks ago.In the morning I prepared pancakes for breakfast and coffee for us:) My husband bought foods for fish while our son was eating breakfast. We went with our family car, and my husband drove.
My parents have a caravan in the lake and they waited for us. The boys were fishing and my mom and I prepared a barbecue for a lunch. The weather was sunny, and we sailed by boat.
We went to Zlatitza city next day and visited their park. There was the heroes from a fairy “Grandfather’s glove”. The park is small but wonderful. The child had a lot of fun. We went and to Chavdar village were is a “ Vajelandia”- this is a wonderful, funny children park with climbing wall, gardens from rope where children can climbed. Everything is soo funny.
We had lunch in the restaurant near the park, visited the church and museum and after that went to home. My son was so tired and slept in the car.
This was a wonderful weekend.

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