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A:Hello, can I help you?
B:Hello, I’m looking for a long yellow formal dress. My best friend is getting married next month and I’m going to be her bridesmaid. Can I see what you have available in light yellow, please?
A: Yes, of course. We have just received Donna Karen’s last collection and there is a wonderful, yellow silk dress with long sleeves. I guess you are size 6, right/aren’t you?
B: Yes, that’s right. I’m a 6. Wow, the dress is fantastic. Can I try it on?
A: Yes, follow me please!
B: The dress is perfect, exactly what I’m looking for. I will buy/take it. What is the price/How much is it?
A: It’s 480 $. As I already mentioned, the dress is from D.K’slast collection, but today our store has a Birthday and all our customers receive 15 % discount.
B: Oh, this is fantastic! Can I pay by card, do you have a card reader?
A: Yes, of course. Here you are.
B: You are so kind, thank you for you assistance.
A: Thank you. I wish you a great wedding!

*направих малки корекции в словореда, промених will на going to при шаферката, тъй като говорим за планове, нещо уговорено. Will описва решение, което взимаме в момента на говорене. Разгледай изреченията едно по едно.