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Our last family holiday was at Kusadasa, (in) Turkey.
We travelled by car. My husband drove, because I’m afraid to drive abroad.
We departed in the evening, my son slept all the time, and we arrived around 10 am the next morning. The journey was smooth, there was almost no traffic. We went over the new Canakkale bridge, which connects the European and the Asian part of Turkey.
In the hotel we had a room with a wonderful see view. The hotel had a private sandy beech and an amazing aqua park for children. That was the reason we had booked exactly this hotel. The animators were so funny, and my son had a great time. We stayed there for 7 days – it was wonderful and relaxing.
After that we visited Istanbul. On our way from Asia to Europe we went through the Eurasia Tunnel. We stayed in Istanbul for there 3 days, and visited the aquarium, Legoland, and the old town. In the aquarium there were penguins, stingray fish, sharks, and they were all very interesting.
I was surprised how warm and helpful the Turkish people were.
We usually have 2 sea vacations and one in the mountain. But for this year I’m planning something different and amazing. I’ll tell you about it later.
When we are the three of us, we prefer to relax. But if we are alone with my husband, without our son – I prefer to walk and go sightseeing.

Travel by car
Animation team го намирам като аниматори = художници
go over a bridge
go through a tunnel
I liked it a lot. I almost felt the atmosphere in Turkey. Thank you!
Отново съм коригирала словоред. Може вече писах – трябва практика, а тя идва с четене. Ако вече имаш избрана книга – драсни. Можем да пробваме с преразказ. 